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'Black Man Art; and The Brown Paper Bag

Nature’s art gallery is always open. We are all appraisers critiquing the creator’s artwork. We critique the creator’s use of shades, colors, textures lines and shape.
Art is valued based on collective assessment. Leonardo da Vinci’s painting ‘The Mona Lisa’, considered as one of the best known and most highly valued works of art in the world is constantly replicated by individuals and is for many a standard of beauty. The white tiger in parallel is considered rare and exotic and protected to prevent extinction.
Collective Assessment: ‘The Black Man’
The Black Man is art.
The shades often considered too dark - lines not carefully drawn - texture not sufficiently smooth.
By what measure should the Black man be valued? Did the creator sculpt too many? Can the Black Man be Mona Lisa?
Wait! Some will ‘pass,’ maybe, the shades of the ‘Black Man Art’ which are similar to or lighter than that of a brown paper bag.
'Brown Paper Bag’
Through his art Wilmer Wilson lends his voice and talents …

Sizzling Hot Summer Edition - Cultural Voice July 2013

Have you seen Cultural Voice eZine's July edition. It was sizzling hot. Send us an email with your feedback so that we can improve your customer experience.

CulturalVoice keeps you connected to the hot trends in the creative space... In this issue we chat with the world famous artist Kehinde Wiley, get advice from dancer extraordinaire N'Jelle Gage, explore the homes of young people from cultures across the Globe guided by French photographer John T. and much more!