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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Belgium's Magical Blue Carpet

A Jamaican, a German, an Ethiopian and a French person walk through a beech forest...

...and have a wonderful time laughing, marvelling, and frolicking in a sea of Bluebells that form an ethereal layer just above the forest floor amidst the skinny trunks of the trees of the forest. The beech trees, in fresh bloom, seem to stretch like I do every morning, towards to sunlight.

Every spring for 3 weeks only, Hallerbos, a beech forest near Halle, Belgium, becomes a place of magic, myth and wonder and a sea of blue.

Enjoy the view!

Monday, 24 April 2017

#MyCulturalVoice Profile: Stef Thomas

Country of Origin:​ Jamaica
Ultra excited about this art form: Figure Skating                 
Loves to travel toAnywhere with non-mainstream cultural dynamics
Trend you love:​​Bold lipstick #epic
Underground artist to watch: Film Maker Sabrina Colie
Risk averse, Risk Tolerant or Risk Taker: Depends on the outcome of last risk taken
Artistic Side:​ Hard to distinguish, I find art in most experiences
Life Motto: ​‘Just keep swimming’

Very good at:  ​Strategic Planning
Outspoken about:​​Individual Thought and Action
Inspired by:​ People who never give up trying
Cultural Icon: ​ Kofi Annan, Mandela, Alvin Ailey, Paulo Khoelo, Rex Nettleford
Everyone should try this once:​ Camping on a mountain top

#MyCulturalVoice Profile: Monica Minott

Country of Origin: Jamaica
Ultra excited about this art form: Poetry 
Loves to travel to: Paris, France
Trend you love: Increased Accessibility of Literature 
Underground artist to watch: Jamaican Painter Kai Watson
Risk averse, Risk Tolerant or Risk Taker: Risk Tolerant
Artistic Side: Anything I'm Passionate About
Use-Your-Own-Voice.jpgLife Motto: Plant More Grass

Very good at: Conceptualizing New Ideas
Outspoken about: Injustice 
Inspired by: Excellence
Cultural Icon: Edward Baugh 
Everyone should try this once: Reading One Book A Month For A Year 

#MyCulturalVoice Profile: Andrey Dryakin

Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Ultra excited about this art form: Seascapes by Ivan Aivazovsky

​Loves to travel to: New York.

Trend you love: Classical concerts, especially of Symphony Orchestras

Underground artist to watch: Ms. Olga Vasilyeva – «pathfinder» of Russian Aug(De)Mented Reality

Risk averse, Risk Tolerant or Risk Taker: ABSOLUTE Risk Taker

Artistic Side: Guitar player

Life Motto: Be the change you want to see in the world  

Very good at: Fulfilling targets and cooking omelet.

Outspoken about: Interpersonal communication.

Inspired by: My father.

Cultural Icon: Singer Sting.

Everyone should try this once: Read some pieces of the greatest poet Alexander Pushkin.

#MyCulturalVoice Profile: Enola Williams

Country of Origin: Jamaica
Ultra excited about this art form: World Music
​Loves to travel to: Seychelles, Africa & Haiti
Trend you love: Travelling
Underground artist to watch: Samuele Vivian (Guitarist)
Risk averse, Risk Tolerant or Risk Taker: Risk Taker
Artistic Side: Producing Shows
Life Motto: Positive, Creative Energy

Very good at: Interacting w/ People
Outspoken about: Social Justice & Environment Awareness
Inspired by: Achievement Against Odds
Cultural Icon: Picasso
Everyone should try this once: Kingston on the Edge 


Thursday, 13 November 2014

#MyCulturalVoice Profile: Lisa Monique Barker

Country of Origin: Jamaica

Ultra excited about this art form: The performing arts (particularly theatre)
Loves to travel to: Countries around the world

Trend you love:​​ Almost anything related to natural Black hair

Underground artist to watch: Takashi Hirano

Risk averse, Risk Tolerant or Risk Taker: Calculated risk taker

Artistic Side:​​Languages and linguistic pursuits

Life Motto: 'It's not enough to merely exist. LIVE!'

Very good at:  Public speaking
Outspoken about:​​ Human rights and equality

Inspired by: Mavericks

Cultural Icon:  The Hon. Dr. LouiseBennett-Coverley

Everyone should try this once: Throwing caution to the wind

Sunday, 2 November 2014

#MyCulturalVoice: Randy McLaren

Country of Origin: Jamaica

Ultra excited about this art form: Reggae Dub Poetry
Loves to travel to: Africa (Zambia)

Trend you love: Females Wearing Their Natural Hair

Underground artist to watch: Prince Levy (Singer)

Risk averse, Risk Tolerant or Risk Taker: Risk Taker

Artistic Side: Mixes Creativity w/ Activism.

Life Motto: The Sky Is No Limit

Very good at: Working with People

Outspoken about: Child Rights

Inspired by: People Who Rise Above Challenges

Cultural Icon: Louise Bennett-Coverley (Miss Lou)

Everyone should try this once: Performing