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The Pins and Tucks of Wrapping A Saree - A Jamaican's Cultural Lesson in India

Contributor: Diedre McLeod

Globetrotter at heart, I amplify my Cultural Voice through travelling and indulging in customs very different from my own. One of my most awe-inspiring experiences was celebrating Diwali 2011 in Mangalore, India. Known as the “Festival of Lights,” everyone lights up the skyline with fireworks and firecrackers – excited that darkness was overcome and celebrating the dawning of light. No house or village is spared the festivities. But what was most exciting for me was seeing all the beautiful Sarees on parade and ultimately wearing my very own. The traditional Indian dress for females, the Saree, reveals as much as it conceals. It is also as complex as it is simple – especially when wrapping it! This delicate, free form dress requires a bit of practice (and a whole lot of pins) to get the ‘perfect wrap’. It took about 20 minutes to wrap (this was partly because I brought the wrong pins). The style my Saree was wrapped in is called the Nivi St…

Interested in being a member of a Caribbean Youth Think Tank??

The objeces of the Youth Think Tk are to:

Support Action Research, pursued as a collaborative activity among young people searching for solutions to challenges experienced in their daily lives.Develop Policy and propose recommendations to decision makers and general populationProvide technical advice to support the achievements of Youth-IN project goals.

Members of the Youth Think Tank will be in the driver’s seat of this process.

A selection of 14 members will be invited to a face to face meeting in Barbados by the end of the first quarter of 2012 to build and envision a Caribbean Youth Think Tank. Based on joint actions and a Workplan for 2 years The Members of the Youth Think Tank will exchange views online and together produce “youth friendly products” that will be used to raise awareness among Caribbean youth and advocate for policy development on youth issues. Members within the Youth Think Tank will be linked to international opportunities and exchange…

Should Armenia take part in Eurovision's song contest?

From the moment Azerbaijan was announced the winner of “Eurovision song contest 2011”, a range of discussions started within Armenians on “Whether Armenia should take part in Eurovision song contest 2012 in Baku or not?”.

If the contest was hosted by any other country there would never be a single hesitation, as Armenia, being a small country, always tries to be represented in various international events, whether they are cultural or sport events, thus making the world know about this small but a very strong nation, which has a priceless historical heritage. So the existence of different and often even controversial opinions is accounted for by the fact that there exists a deep-rooted political dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan about Nagorno-Karabakh.

"Already for 54 years, the Eurovision Song Contest is Europe's favourite TV show. After more than five decades featuring some 1,100 songs, the contest has become a modern classic, strongly embedded into Europe's col…

Think you know everything about the 'Emprezz'?

Emprezz describes herself as a passionate, benevolent entrepreneur and media personality. She focuses on making ideas tangible realities.
How many of us can say we've started and successfully run a resturant (alongside husband Steven) ; a Jamaican themed clothing and accessories store; manufactured and designed new card games; produced multiple shows including her newest 'Talk up Yout' which can be seen on TVJ every tuesday @6pm, and much more?  

Emprezz gave us a peek into her life before returning to Jamaica.


Emprezz spent most of her high school years in Australia and during that time she was a member of a pop singing group called 'Cherry' and used her middle name 'Camielle'. The Group was signed to Sony Records and Warner Music. It was during this time that Emprezz aka Camielle 'found herself' asking many self revealing questions in the multicultural environment such as "Who am I?" "Where do I belong?" She …

Meet Renee McDonald, Jamaican Dancer on the Move

Marketing Assistant by day, Dance Teacher, Choreographer and member of Tony Wilson's 'The Company Dance Theatre' in all other time available, Renee McDonald continues to make great strides in the Jamaican Dance Scene.

A very Talented young lady, Renee would love to throw caution to the wind and be a full time professional dancer. It's a dream so many artists share, and often a tough decision to make especially in developing economies such as Jamaica's where its extremely difficult to earn a sustainable livelihood. Renee loves Jamaica 100% and would not want to be dancing anywhere in the mean time she continues to make it all happen.

Her Cultural Icon is undoubtably Bob Marley, and she expresses that it's undeniable that he's the best and none can compare! Today would have been the icon's 67th Birthday and we recognize his contribution to the Cultural Fabric of Jamaica, the Caribbean and the World!

Views from the Artist on:



Don Cornelius: The 'Soul' in 'Soul Train'

'Soul Train' debuted in 1971, and revolutionized the world of television. It brought urban African American Culture to an international stage and made it fun to dance dance dance!!! The Executive Producer and visionary who created this phenomenon was Don Cornelius. Cornnelius died today February 1st in what appears to be a suicide. We wish his family and friends well. Soul Train will live on!