Think you know everything about the 'Emprezz'?

Emprezz describes herself as a passionate, benevolent entrepreneur and media personality. She focuses on making ideas tangible realities.

How many of us can say we've started and successfully run a resturant (alongside husband Steven) ; a Jamaican themed clothing and accessories store; manufactured and designed new card games; produced multiple shows including her newest 'Talk up Yout' which can be seen on TVJ every tuesday @6pm, and much more?  

Emprezz gave us a peek into her life before returning to Jamaica.


Emprezz spent most of her high school years in Australia and during that time she was a member of a pop singing group called 'Cherry' and used her middle name 'Camielle'. The Group was signed to Sony Records and Warner Music. It was during this time that Emprezz aka Camielle 'found herself' asking many self revealing questions in the multicultural environment such as "Who am I?" "Where do I belong?" She spent two years touring with the girls in 'Cherry' before moving on.

Emprezz also had two records on the charts in Japan respectively called "Passenger 7" and "Lady Traffic".

1st Generation (CD) ~ Passenger 7  (Artist) Cover Art
Emprezz "Camielle" member of the group "Passenger 7"

Empress believes strongly in “the collective security of the Negro race” and that we must all “ Work hard, pay dues, don’t expect things in life, nothing really is given, earn it!”


“Walk with confidence, don’t be afraid to take risks, it’s the only way you’re going to know”

Make-up Artist applies finishing touches to Emprezz Golding's Makeup

Emprezz's take on World Peace

“ I can’t see world peace in my generation. How can there be world peace when people are so individualistic? When there is wealth there cant be peace, if there is inequality there wont be peace, people will feel anger due to history and come back for revenge. With wealth, monopoly and inequaity we will always be searching for world peace”
“My struggle and fight is for peace within myself, and within my circle. We cannot have world peace in Africa where intra African resource conflicts abound, and where most resources are controlled by the West."

"Big up to those fighting for the cause, there is a lot to do!"


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