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Do One Thing For Diversity!!

“Diversity, dialogue and development”: these are three magic Ds. Add a fourth D from “Do one thing campaign” and join us in creating a positive narrative for our age of diversity. Living together in diversity within tolerant and inclusive societies is indeed a dream. But action is what dreams are made out of. Now is a time that we need action to produce results, for with dreams become true – just join us in the Do One Thing Campaign!” said President Jorge Sampaio, High Representative for the UNAOC.
We are all one people...a Jamaican Concept with Global Relevance!

 Ten simple things YOU can do to celebrate the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on May 21, 2012 Visit an art exhibit or a museum dedicated to other cultures. Invite a family or people in the neighborhood from another culture or religion to share a meal with you and exchange views on life. Rent a movie or read a book from another country or religion than your own. Invite people from a differ…

Cultural Voice eZine Goes Global! Check it out!

The Evolution of a Mega Industry, Are you on Board?
Worldwide creative Industries have exploded and represent a key feature in the development of modern economy. According to United Nations figures, the annual growth rate of exports of creative-industry goods and services has been trending upwards at an average annual rate of 14.4% since 2002. In 2008, the creative industries generated close to US$600 billion. Almost all emerging economies, including the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) block have integrated development paradigms centered on capitalizing on the creative Industries. Whether it is the Samba of Brazil, the Russian Ballets, Chinese food, Bollywood or Jamaican Reggae Music, the creative industries represent a relatively untapped resource for global revenue generation.  The creative industries combine business, technology, culture and adds value to what exists today. Cultural Voice eZine  Across the globe, a new ‘experience’ based economy have taken center stage. It’s …