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Take a Stroll Along Gungo Walk

If you're in Jamaica next weekend, the 1st September 2012, be sure to check out the Gungo Walk Festival. It'll showcase two stages with performances from Acmatic, Roslyn, SEZi, Black as Cole, Stone Dub, Suzanne Couch, Charmaine Limonius, Sky Grass, Pentatwuch, Mystikal Revolution and One Drop Routz. They'll also have "Armchair Rebelution" with Michael Sean Harris, Tessanne Chin and Di Blueprint.  An official Jamaica 50 event, the Gungo Walk Festival is a new, annual music and arts festival which will be held on the 1st September 2012 in association with Edna Manley College of the Performing Arts (EMC).

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Welcome to the second issue of Cultural Voice eZine

 The  Cultural  Voice eZine  team extends congratulations  to  countries worldwide celebrating 50 years of independence during  2012. Countries including those in the English-speaking Caribbean  such as Jamaica  and  Trinidad  & Tobago; the middle  East and African region such as Algeria  and Rwanda;  and Samoa, a country in the pacific.
 We are looking forward to unearthing the cultural wonders worldwide. Follow  us on Twitter  and  facebook for  updates. We  note that sports is often not included  in discussions of culture but we believe that the platform created for cultural expression should  be harnessed as we seek to create greater economic development through the creative industries.

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Have Printed Books Been Relegated to Ancient History?

While in London on a trek to discover the artistic creations heralded as cornerstones of the Cultural Olympiad, a celebration of all things Artistic, I stumbled into a pile of books!

It was a relatively overcast day, with  temperatures above average in the city hosting the 2012 Olympics. People paraded in greens, blues, yellows and reds, waving country flags indicating the patriotism that is especially poignant during any Olympics games. Dressed in the colours Green, Gold, and Black, I paraded along the Southbank enjoying the smells from hot dog stands and picnic areas donned with Mojitos. A guide suggested a visit to the Southbank Centre.

On entering people buzzed with excitement seemingly in 'culture paradise' with the 10s of choices for artistic stimulation. I turned a corner and in the midst of the revere there they were, these books!

A group of visitors approached the display, made funny faces, and walked with flashing hands, signalling their boredom with the concept. …