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Thursday, 13 November 2014

#MyCulturalVoice Profile: Lisa Monique Barker

Country of Origin: Jamaica

Ultra excited about this art form: The performing arts (particularly theatre)
Loves to travel to: Countries around the world

Trend you love:​​ Almost anything related to natural Black hair

Underground artist to watch: Takashi Hirano

Risk averse, Risk Tolerant or Risk Taker: Calculated risk taker

Artistic Side:​​Languages and linguistic pursuits

Life Motto: 'It's not enough to merely exist. LIVE!'

Very good at:  Public speaking
Outspoken about:​​ Human rights and equality

Inspired by: Mavericks

Cultural Icon:  The Hon. Dr. LouiseBennett-Coverley

Everyone should try this once: Throwing caution to the wind

Sunday, 2 November 2014

#MyCulturalVoice: Randy McLaren

Country of Origin: Jamaica

Ultra excited about this art form: Reggae Dub Poetry
Loves to travel to: Africa (Zambia)

Trend you love: Females Wearing Their Natural Hair

Underground artist to watch: Prince Levy (Singer)

Risk averse, Risk Tolerant or Risk Taker: Risk Taker

Artistic Side: Mixes Creativity w/ Activism.

Life Motto: The Sky Is No Limit

Very good at: Working with People

Outspoken about: Child Rights

Inspired by: People Who Rise Above Challenges

Cultural Icon: Louise Bennett-Coverley (Miss Lou)

Everyone should try this once: Performing 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

#MyCulturalVoice Profile: Ewan Simpson

Country of Origin:​ Jamaica

Ultra excited about this art form: Music

Loves to travel toTrinidad & Tobago

Underground artist to watch: Racquel Jones (poet)
Trend you love:​​ #selfie

Risk averse, Risk Tolerant or Risk Taker: Risk Tolerant

Artistic Side:​ All sides of me are artistic

Life Motto: “All will be well”
 Very good at: Communication
 Outspoken about: Everything I’m passionate about       Inspired by:​ My grandparents
 Cultural Icon: Louise Bennett
 Everyone should try this once: Para-sailing

Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Siren Effect - The inescapable sounds of a country affected by Ebola

The world is on edge of the devastation that Ebola has unleashed on affected countries in West Africa. Accouring to the World Health Organization there have been 9,936 Ebola cases so far this year and 4,877 people have been killed by Ebola. In an increasingly insular world where cultural crossroads are a necessity for normalcy, there is increased xenophobia and anxiety induced by the thought of a global outbreak. No sentence is complete without the word Ebola. 

My friend Jani is a citizen of Liberia, one of the countries most affected by the outbreak cannot escape the ‘threats,’ real and imagined. In her brief musing about the effect it has on her psyche, she has coined a term for her condition and the condition of those around her as the ‘Siren effect’. The change in cultural norms should not be frowned on. But my fear is that after Ebola, they may never return. 

Siren Effect - Jani Jallah

 It’s 10: 29p.m. on a Monday night. I am lying here and have a thousand things running thru my mind - Ebola, love, life, family, work and friends. There is a constant sound, a sound that flows in my thoughts all through the day and night. It is the most familiar sound currently in Liberia, especially in Monrovia. It’s a sound we once heard on the rare occasion that the Chief Executive passed by or once in a while, when there was someone ill. It is a sound used in emergencies. Now it’s the bell that rings, the sound of an Ambulance and/or Ebola burial team. It is now the reason we drivers can’t play loud music. We have to listen for the sound before crossing major streets. It’s the Siren Effect. I have lived in Liberia all my life; some Liberians may term me LTD “Liberian Till Death.” I truly believe the sweetest place in this world is LIBERIA – “The Sweet Land of Liberty.” Most people who have travelled to Liberia will agree with me. The Land is so free you can call yourself a King and live a royal life with a 500USD per month salary. You can become what Liberians call a “Big Boy” just because you are able to manage a little in the right way. You can drive with a full cooler and still have nothing to worry about, and enjoy the finest beaches. 

Liberia is my unique land. However, my land has started giving me nightmares. A full day is over but the sound of the siren is on ‘repeat.’ My country, my land is battling against an unseen enemy; a disease so ruthless, a host can ‘touch’ up to five persons in a casual meeting. What lost from my Land of Liberty? Shaking hands, hugging and drinking together are traditional methods of greeting friends. As a young lady, it’s a cultural shock when a friend refuses to properly greet another - that’s proud and rude. But now with EBOLA it’s the best and wise way to stay alive. This unseen enemy has shocked the cultural norms, a simple thing as borrowing salt from a neighbor is like killing your housemates. My head! oh my head!! I need it to get out of my head… the lights flash thru my thoughts, closed eyes so hard to achieve. Driving to work, the sound is all over, at work the sound never stops and when you make it home to that place you call a place of rest, the sound lingers…. EBOLA BE GONE. Let the sirens grow quiet.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Youth Voice: Call for Artwork

Please share with young Caribbean and Latin American visual artists (15 - 24 years) who would like to publish copies of their work in an academic journal. Drawings, paintings, photographs and e-graffiti are welcome.

Friday, 6 June 2014

#MyCulturalVoice Profile: Derefe Chevannes

Country of Origin: Jamaica
Ultra excited about this art form: Lyrical Hip Hop Choreography
Loves to travel to: Warm places (beach bound) - Cayman & Bahamas
Trend you love: Hashtag Activism (eg. #BringBackOurGirls)
Underground artist to watch: Monica Minott, Poet.
Risk averse, Risk Tolerant or Risk Taker: Risk Tolerant 
Artistic Side: Writer (short stories)
Life Motto: Vulnerability Births Honesty   

Very good at: Writing
Outspoken about: Rights of the Poor
Inspired by: Unsung Heroes (eg. My mom)
Cultural Icon: Bob Marley
Everyone should try this once: Making Snow Angels

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*Derefe is the Associate Editor of Cultural Voice eZine. 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

#MyCulturalVoice Profile: H.E. Guadalupe Sanchez

Country of Origin: Mexico
Ultra excited about this art form: Musicals, especially "Phantom of the Opera"
Loves to travel to: Every corner of the world
Trend you love: Opera in theatres
Underground artist to watch: Richard Hall (Jamaican Painter)
Risk averse, Risk Tolerant or Risk Taker: Risk taker 
Artistic Side: Singer
Life Motto: Living everyday giving the best of you  

Very good at: Organizing cultural events. 
Outspoken about: Justice. 
Inspired by: My Parents. 
Cultural Icon: Octavio Paz (Mexican Nobel Prize in Literature). 
Everyone should try this once: Sing with a Mariachi band. 

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