#MyCulturalVoice Profile: Derefe Chevannes

Country of Origin: Jamaica
Ultra excited about this art form: Lyrical Hip Hop Choreography
Loves to travel to: Warm places (beach bound) - Cayman & Bahamas
Trend you love: Hashtag Activism (eg. #BringBackOurGirls)
Underground artist to watch: Monica Minott, Poet.
Risk averse, Risk Tolerant or Risk Taker: Risk Tolerant 
Artistic Side: Writer (short stories)
Life Motto: Vulnerability Births Honesty   

Very good at: Writing
Outspoken about: Rights of the Poor
Inspired by: Unsung Heroes (eg. My mom)
Cultural Icon: Bob Marley
Everyone should try this once: Making Snow Angels

What's Your Cultural Voice?? #MyCulturalVoice on  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram @culturalvoice
Promoting #Intercultural-dialogue
6 Days to the Launch of CV's First Issue of 2014!! 

*Derefe is the Associate Editor of Cultural Voice eZine. 


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