#MyCulturalVoice Profile: Everton Hannam

Country of Origin: Jamaica
Ultra excited about this art form: Dance
Loves to travel to: The Countryside
Trend you love: What's fashionable 
Underground artist to watch: Jahboukie
Risk averse, Risk Tolerant or Risk Taker: Risk Averse
Artistic Side: Some singing, some dancing 
Life Motto: Live good, be thankful to the creator. Life too short to be miserable and griping. 

Very good at: Remaining calm
Outspoken about: Irresponsibility
Inspired by: Nature 
Cultural Icon: Louise Bennett
Everyone should try this once: Community Service


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8 Days to the Launch of CV's First Issue of 2014!! 

*Everton Hannam is the Secretary General of the Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO 


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