Days in the Lives of Jamaicans: Garfield Ellis Writes History

Garfield Ellis, Source: 2 Season Guest House

One can only assume that someone's favourite song gives key insight into the frame of mind and the style of that individual. Garfield Ellis, Jamaican writer of 5 books, 3 novels and 2 collections of short stories shared his favourite song with us.

Nature Boy - Duane Stephenson speaks of humanity's losing sight of what is most important to our existence. With lyrics such as  "Millions for guns and bombs, and making trips to Mars, Nature Boy is this your great vision of democracy..." there is a definate sense of holding ourselves accountable for how we act in the world.

Garfield Ellis, a positive force in the literary landscape has made it his mission to write the histories of Jamaicans in an effort to provide lasting memories accessible to the world. He focuses on everyday Jamaican life.  At "Love Affair with Literature" hosted by the Department of Literatures at the University of the West Indies, Ellis shared passages from his Novel "Till I'm Laid To Rest", a story of a Jamaican Immigrant in the United States and her experiences. The descriptions of time, place and scene brought the characters to life and dialogues were sharp and showcased true Jamaican interactions.

Garfield Ellis shares excepts from
'Till i'm Laid to Rest 'during UWI's
'Love Affair with Literature' March 2011

Garfield is a two-time winner of the Una Marson prize for adult literature; in the first instance for his first collection of short stories, Flaming Hearts (pub. 1997), and later for the manuscript of his novel, Till I’m Laid To Rest due out in (May 2010).

Source: Repeating Islands


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  1. "Breeze" which is published in "Flaming Heart And Other Stories," is probably one of the most brilliant Jamaican short stories ever...and I have read many. Garfield Ellis has the eyes, ears and words to tell a story.

    Tips, Kingston, Jamaica


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