Spanish pianist David Gomez thrills Jamaican audience in concert – CV’s Behind the Scenes Interview

Is love the universal language or is it music? Walking into a dimly lit music studio at Immaculate Conception High School (ICHS) hearing first the ripples of triads and the melodies of musical chords, then seeing Spanish pianist David Gomez eyes closed, head swaying and humming counts - the message was clear.   As the Spanish pianist lightly taped his last key on the grand piano positioned in a hall with chairs, where drum sets and two paintings hung, the room stood still. He opens his eyes, flicks the light switch and we’re back to reality.

David Gomez, who has played in prominent theatres such as New York’s Carnegie Hall, Concert Gebouw in Amsterdam, National Concert Hall in Dublin and St Martin in The Fields in London, was in Jamaica to perform at the Holy Trinity Cathedral along with the Immaculate Conception High School Symphony Orchestra and the Kingston College Chapel Choir on February 24, 2013. The event dubbed, “The Expressions of Love 2, Immaculate Conception High School Concert” was held under the distinguished patronage of The Most Honourable Rev. Charles H. Dufor, D.D, C.D., Archbishop of Kingston and Her Excellency Celsa Nuno, Spanish Ambassador to Jamaica. The concert was in aid of the ongoing restoration of the 102 year old Holy Trinity Cathedral and the ICHS SO music programme.
"The Music and the Love"
In his behind the scene chat with Cultural Voice, David Gomez shared that he lives for “the music and the love.” When he plays music he dreams, forgetting the problems of the world.
We were intrigued to find out not only about David’s successful career, but also a less known side - his work in mixed media art. David, who finds inspiration in things that surround him, analysed one of the two paintings in the room.
David interprets painting on ICHS's wall
< Painting analysed
“It represents the difficulty of art and music transcending to the divine.” The veracity of his conclusion became increasingly evident as David carefully deconstructed the reasons for his analysis.
Cultural Icons
David’s cultural icons include “very old parents who are really honest, who fight to be happy and who fight to make their families happy.” For Gomez, family is ultimately important.
David dreams of winning an Oscar, and has diversified into composing music for movies. Here is a short film “Rosita Fernando de France” featuring David’s work.
David’s favourite composer is Bach and he finds his equilibrium when exploring his works. “He is the only composer I can practice continuously for 10 hours and not get tired. It’s incredible.”

Pictures from the Event




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