Enjoy The Music of the NDTC - A Pre-Christmas Musical Treat

Ewan Simpson (Source: The Jamaica Observer)
Cultural Voice went behind the scenes for a chat with Ewan Simpson, Musical Director of the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica (NDTC) about the upcoming evening of Music scheduled for December 15, 2013, 6:00 pm at the NDTC Studio (behind The Little Theatre).

CV: What does this concert mean in the journey of the singers of the NDTC?

ES: The concert is an opportunity to showcase in a more fulsome way the music of the NDTC.

CV: What have been the major challenges you've faced since assuming the role of Musical Director?

ES: Transitioning to have a solid, consistent set of voices able achieve a desired balance as persons have left, retired and new persons have come in. It is the work it takes to settle down and practice over and over to have a consistent sound.

CV: Will there be themes for the upcoming concert? If yes what are those themes?

ES: No. There are no themes. It is the music of the NDTC, mostly current music.

CV: Any special arrangements that the audience should look out for on that night?

ES: There will be a section in tribute to Marjorie Wylie, Musical Director Emerita, which will include two of her compositions performed by guest performers. The night will also showcase original arrangements and instrumentals composed by myself. In addition, a member who was on extended leave in Japan will return to do a featured solo work.

CV: Will there be dancing in the show?

ES: Yes. Dancing will be included as a compliment to the music.

CV: Why should we come out and support this show?

ES: It is an opportunity to see the NDTC singers in full blow performance. The music of the NDTC will be taking centre stage for an undiluted, fully loaded presentation. 


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