Balsamo's Journey Into Oblivion

Alessandro Balsamo loves life. In Alessandro’s interview with Cultural Voice he was quite relaxed and talked openly about the various roads he has travelled on his journey, both professionally, and personally. As a program specialist in the policy and statutory implementation unit at UNESCO's Paris headquarters, Alessandro’s has had the fortune of touring the world and assisting countries in the development of stronger Cultural Heritage frameworks. Alessandro, originally from Balsamo Torino is responsible for the nomination of World Heritage Sites and formulating the tentative list order. Though Alessandro has great experience with the subject of World Heritage, our interest was piqued by his love for music and photography.
Alessandro started taking pictures from a young age and his life’s journey has involved tons of travelling which gives him the opportunity to take pictures across the globe. Alessandro’s favourite subjects are “off the grid” so to speak, and he finds “run-down,” derelict structures, towns, and places in suburban outskirts or industrial sites. Alessandro is very proud of his exhibition “Obviously the Oblivion.” Works from this exhibition can be seen on his website For this collection Alessandro sought lonely places and spaces where there was emptiness.

"Norwegian Landscape" Alessandro Balsamo

"Namibia" Alessandro Balsamo

As an avid consumer of music, Alessandro composes and plays the guitar and keyboard. Alessandro shares with a passionate stare that he simply cannot live without music. Both music and photography share a huge part of his soul and entire being. He shares that visitng Jamaica was very important to him becasue of the impact that reggae has had on his appreciation for music.
"Fernando de Noronha" Alessandro Balsamo

Legends like Bob Dylan, Eric Madden, Bob Marley, Pink Panther, the Beetles and other classics, have all inspired and influenced his love and passion for music. Having played in a band for seven years starting from the 1960s into the 1970s, Alessandro confesses his greatest musical influencer to be the Rolling Stones and he shares that the music that they produce "touches his heart."

"Where do we go from here" - Alessandro Balsamo



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