Peaceful Encounters: Max Earle explains the intention behind his photographs

We asked Jamaican photographer Max Earle to explain 3 of his favourite photos...


 "I was asked by Amy to create an image that primarily showed her love for horses. My interpretation was to show her in as close a proximity to her love as possible. No foreground or background to take away from the intimacy I tried to capture."


 "This comes from a villa shoot I was commissioned to do for the owners website and visual marketing. This image in particular I wanted the viewer to be able to imagine themselves right there at the time. This was done by using what I call “negative space” in other words…nothing of a focal point in most of the image. The power of the shot forces you see the view as if you were right there, right now." 



"This is a shot I literally stumbled on that caught my attention while up at Strawberry Hill on another assignment. I found it rather whimsical that this was all there was…a gate with no fence. These kinds of 'happen along' shots are really gifts of life to us all…if we’re lucky enough to see them."



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