Have you met photographer Nicole Brown?

Nicole Brown loves cats.  She finds them “lovely, opinionated and cute.” She also loves a trip to Portland where she can relax and snorkel by the “Blue Hole.” Nicole an emerging photographer in a crowded Jamaican scene is determined to stand out from the crowd and confesses that she is continuously “coming outside of her comfort zone and trying to push the envelope” on conventional photography. In doing this she ensures that she defines her individual style. Nicole specializes in fine art, portrait, wedding and architectural photography. For each subject area, Nicole tells CV that she aims to be both creative and experimental.

 Nicole the Photo Activist
Nicole views photo activism as “the philosophy and history of how activists and social reformers have used the camera as a research tool and instrument for social reform.”  She believes that there are topical issues that need to be focused on in Jamaica such as gender and equality; child abuse and neglect; human trafficking and drug abuse and is currently working on a partnership with an NGO to produce  a photo documentary that will be engaging, thought provoking and impact societal change.


Nicole’s Favourite Artist
Diane Arbus is Nicole’s favourite artist. Arbus, an American photographer and writer, is noted for black and white square photographs of deviant and marginalized individuals such as dwarfs, transgendered individuals, nudists, and circus performers. Nicole tells CV that she “admires the fact that she chose to take human portraits using an unconventional approach.” Nicole hopes to do the same in her portrait photography by having human subjects either dress up as different characters or capture portraits of individuals who are not considered a part of mainstream culture.


Most Lucrative Projects
Nicole finds her abstract collections on canvas of banana leaves and human subjects swimming to be her most lucrative projects to date. She explains “Clients seem to gravitate towards images that are bursting with colour and energy or have some element of interpretation.”

Favourite Subjects to Photograph
Nicole enjoys photographing bystanders engaged in some form of activity on the street and speaks to having “the opportunity to capture the raw emotions and actions of our Jamaican people in everyday situations - such as the woman getting her hair done on Princess Street Downtown, or a group of school children sharing jokes on their way to school.” She also enjoys capturing weddings and feels extremely privileged to capture the joy, laughter and tears expressed in the presence of true love.

Cultural Voice will definitely be watching the evolution of Nicole’s photography. She has the right elements for success which include a deep desire and boundless love for her pursuit.   


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