High School Classroom to Fashion! Meet Nilajah!

Moya 'Nilajah' Johnson said her faith led her to her current pursuit as a full time fashion jewellery designer. Her designs, under the label Nilajah, have been taking Ja by storm, already in many boutiques such as Xxtras, Carbys, Things Jamaica among others. I met up with her at last weekends Grosvenor Art Fair, where she displayed a selection of necklaces, earings, you name it.

Moya taught history and social studies at St. Hugh's high school and was also a CXC marker for Social Studies. Moya, married with two lovely boys aged 2 and 3, was finding it increasingly difficult to ignore her creative calling, and though she originally planned to make a life long career out of teaching, as a Christian she felt led to follow the will of the Lord.

She says that Nilajah is already profitable, and that she has support from her husband who is a graphic designer, and had her mother as an investor in the business as well as other family friends. She imports most of her raw materials from the United States, with some suppliers sourcing beads from Mali and other african countries.

Moya: Quick Facts

Favourite Colour is Yellow
Loves Perfumes
Wishes she had flawless skin
Loves to cook and wishes she have all the money in the world to buy whatever it is she wanted in the supermarket!

She is willing to custom design Jewellery, and loves to make her customers happy!


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