Katara - A Model Cultural Village

It was while wondering through "Katara", Qatar's cultural city that I happened upon a concert of the Qatar Philharmonic Opera. Their music filled the air, slightly chilled by the winds from the sea just beyond the amphitheatre. I decided to indulge in the sweetness of the musical vibrations from the Orchestra consisting 101 musicians who complemented the soloists Angela Gheorghiou and Roberto Alagna.

 The Qatar Philharmonic Opera was commissioned by H.H. Sheika Mozah:

“The mission of the Qatar Philharmonic Opera is to enhance community and culture within Qatar and throughout the region, bringing a message of peace to the world via the union of Arabic and Western Music.”

“We will lead the way for children and adults to appreciate classic music and inspire those throughout the music field including composers, conductors and soloists. We share the Qatar foundation’s principle belief that a nation’s greatest resource is the potential of its people.”

In rethinking development paradigms many countries have turned to culture as a driving force for economic development.

The "Katara" Village Project reresents a US$82million investment by the Qatari's into Arts and Culture. Katara was born out of a vision of Emir H.H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa to position the State of Qatar as an international cultural lighthouse radiating in the Middle East through Theater, Literature, Art, Music, Conventions and Exhibitions.
The policy makers in Qatar have embraced cultural industries, and have developed this showpiece cultural village “Katara”. Katara includes an amphitheatre, heritage centres, libraries, art galleries, academic facilities, retail outlets, museum facilities and market areas and represents an area totalling 99 hectares.

An Educational Aspect is Included in the Vision

Picture from skyscrapercities.com

Picture from Qatar Philharmonic's Website


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