Who needs a life philosophy?

"World Peace is something worth striving for; I try not to think about eventual success or failure, but simply to participate in the endeavour." Jamil Majid

I interviewed Jamil Majid, who I met in 2007 in Madrid for the United Nations Alliance of Civilization's inagural conference. Since 2007 he has spearheaded a youth media education campaign in Spain, which is now to be launched in Pakistan and Liberia.

Tell us a little about you, where were you born, where do you live now? 

 I was born somewhere in Asia, but am currently in somewhere in Europe.

What is your life's philosophy?

Mainly to not have a philosophy J

You made Media your platform for change, why?

I think the media today is one of the key factors that influence people's perceptions of themselves, of the world, and of others in it. There are of course many pressing issues in the world that need attention, but I would venture to say that the media plays some role in shaping people's attitudes to all of them.


We want to know more about what exactly your media iniative is all about!

Simply put, it brings together young people (and sometimes not so young people) from different countries and cultural backgrounds to study the international news media, and to contrast different outlets' coverage of the same news. 

This project aims to raise public awareness of prejudices that frequently appear in the media, and to encourage people to exercise some measure of caution towards the information they receive.

Has the programme been succesful?

We review its progress periodically and thus far are reasonably satisfied with results, but there of course remains much to be done and a long way to go.

 Think we can achieve world peace?

I could go into a long (and possibly boring) discourse about World Peace, and my thoughts on whether or not it is possible, covering both theory and practice. But I think that would be a purely metaphysical exercise.

 I do think however, that World Peace is something worth striving for; I try not to think about eventual success or failure, but simply to participate in the endeavour.

             Any Cultural Icons?

There are many people I admire, and recognise to have influenced my thinking and stance. The ones I admire most however are those who remain true to their beliefs and speak the truth, even and especially when under pressure to do otherwise. They may not be cultural icons in the strict sense of the term, but are the ones who have inspired, and continue to inspire me most.

I should not like to mention names for that would only highlight a select few.


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