A taste of venezuelan art, culture and food....

Angel Hernandez has been living in Jamaica for the last two years. He came to Jamaica originally to learn english. He is now working at the Venezuelan Embassy. Angel (the g pronounced with a soft sounding h) showcases his sister's artwork. His sister still lives in Venezuela and sent her paintings so that she could share the cultural experience with Jamaicans at the Grosvenor Art Fair held last weekend.

In this painting to the right 'Yareli's Canoe', Angel explains that it represents how the indigenous people of the Zulia State in Venezuela live to this day, in houses over the ocean.

It was here that Christopher Columbus first encountered Venezuela, and thinking how much it reminded him of venezia (Venice, Italy), he named the country Venezuela.

The works of this Venezuelan Artist depict many themes of indigenous Venezuela, including spirituality, clothes, houses, history, and lifestyle generally. More of this Angel's sisters paintings will be on display at an upcoming exhibition hosted by the Embassy of Venezuela in 2012.

Also available in what was apparantly the Venezualan Corner were tasty treats ala Venezuela. Liliana Cisneros and Yumari Cisneros shared treats with Cultural Voice.

Below is a Christmas Bread stuffed with ham, olives, and raisins that smelled and tasted yunmmy!

They also had Tres Leches and Muses de parchita ready to go for those who were looking for a sweet touch to the afternoon.

Liliana and Yumari told us that passion fruit was used a lot in Venezuala and many dishes were prepared with it. They also had 'Arepas' which were made with processed corn flour which was stuffed with shredded beef, chicken and avacado.


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