Etta James: In Memory

A Youthful Etta James

Etta James sang blues like no other, rocked us with rock and roll, bared her soul, took us to her gospel roots and is arguably one of the greatest Jazz artists.
Photo Credit: Kwaku Alston

We will miss her, but her contribution is endless. Songs such as "At Last", "Don't Cry Baby", & "Don't Go To Strangers" served as the backdrop for lovers in multiple generations, and her powerful story of overcoming stands strong.

A More Mature James

Etta James has struggled with many issues including an addiction to heroin. Her husband Artis Mills went to Jail for 10 years, after taking responsibility for heroin possesion in their home.

Etta James, winner of 6 Grammy Awards and 17 Blues Music Awards came from humble beginings. Raised mainly by "Sarge", "Mama Lu" and her mom "the Mystery Lady" she had her first exposure to music in the Church.

We remember Etta James' beautiful voice singing the lyrics:

At last, my love has come around
My lonely days have ended
And Life is like a song....


  1. She was one of my favourite singers,she was good for the world.

  2. The soulfull experience of Etta James
    trembles me in every which way!


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