Welcome to Jamrock! Junior Gong and Celine Dion Rock Jamaican Jazz and Blues Festival!

Celine Dion's version of the sexy black dress was more than just eye-catching.
Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Celine Dion certainly received a fantastic welcome to Jamrock on Friday evening. Over 30,000 patrons swelled the Multi Purpose Stadium, Jamaica on Friday night, travelling from Negril Point to Portland and beyond to have a chance to experience Celine Dion perform live.

The Team From Artistic Expressions with Celine After the Show

Celine Dion lived up to expectations! She left her heart onstage and performed as if she was building a career. Onstage and off, Celine was professional, down to earth, appreciative of her fans and an excellent example for all Artists. On meeting Celine, it was evident that she cared deeply for others, and took time to talk to the Jamaican staff and crew attending to her needs, even wishing the AE Team safe travels as we tackled the post show traffic. We were impressed!

Source: Jamaica Observer

"Out in the streets, they call it MUUUURRRDER!" - Jr. Gong Marley
Damian Jr. Gong Marley murdered the show with love, livity and strong messages on saturday night, delivering an inspiring, thought provoking, energetic performance. Jr. Gong incorporated history, his personal experiences, his father the legend Bob Marley, and was joined by Stephen Marley, Dean Fraser and Bobby Brown to great effect. Jr. Gong used to the opportunity to raise awareness about the need for improvement of the services at the University Hospital of the West Indies and for Jamaicans to cultivate an attitude of excellence in whatever endeavor undertaken.

The Temptations, Source: Jamaica Observer

The Temptations must be commended for taking us on a trip down memory lane. They delivered an excellent performance, complete with choreographed sequences characteristic of the group, and had fans screaming as they sang "My Girl". They showed true class and the audience loved them!

Huge Turnout for Celine Dion at Jamaica Jazz and Blues!

Standing Room Only in the Trelawny Multipurpose Stadium!


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