Caribbean Talk!

Florence Goldson, Belize
"Hope is an eternal fire that for me cannot be quenched"

Talking to our Caribbean Neighbours can be very insightful. I caught up with Florence Goldson (Belize) and Nalisa Maryat (St Lucia), two truly 'Caribbean' women and asked them what they thought of World Peace, Political Issues and Life...


Do you think there can be World Peace?

"i don't know, i long for it and i do my part to achieve it in my little corner of the world but i recognize how profitable war is for a powerful, wealthy few. i do not think peace will be achieved in my lifetime, however hope is an eternal fire that for me can not be i work with the hope that some future generation will know a peace that i have not known."

In Belize, what is the biggest political issue that needs to be addressed?

"for me a major issue is the rampant corruption at all levels of the public sector coupled with the absolute disregard of marginalized and vulnerable persons. because of the actions of politicians and other public officials we are living without the dignity and respect guaranteed us by both the constitution and the udhr."

Philosophy on life?

"i fully embrace a rights based approach in my interaction with others. i believe if i want to live a life of dignity and peace then i must be gentle with others hearts and i must speak out when i see injustice."


Nalisa Maryat, St. Lucia. Pic taken in Belize at the Garifuna Museum

"I believe that one must live honestly and from the heart"

Nalisa is pretty creative, she loves to dance, write periodically and she doesn't paint. She has travelled all over the Caribbean Region representing the views of St. Lucia's youth and fighting for a united Caribbean Region.

Nalisa believes that curruption and criminality in politics are some of the big headliners when it comes to problems in St. Lucia and throughout the Caribbean. She also believes that until CARICOM comes OUT of the secretariat, that there can be no Political Union amongst Caribbean Countries.

Who would you consider a Cultural Icon?

"I don't really think i have a cultural icon. Can Bob Marley or Beres Hammond pass as cultural icons?"

Beres Hammond
Beres Hammond, Pic Source: CaribPlanet
"I think Bob Marley was just a truthful voice of the people, a man who wanted peace and justice in the world. I admired his boldness, truthfulness and positivity. Beres Hammond is very talented and his music is just positive and for all times."


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