The Voice of Patrick O'Neill NYC Comtemporary Ballet Dancer

Patrick O'Neill, dancer with the NYC based, Contemporary Ballet Company Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance took time out to share his opinions on a few things. Cultural Voice will feature every week short profiles on different artists. (When asking the questions we encourage the artistes not to think too much and to give a spur of the moment answer so we know what they really think.)

Patrick in Performance Picture by Sagitarii Photography, Cultural Fusion, 2011

Patrick was born and raised in Rochester, NY and is currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Life Philosophy?

His philosophy on life is... "life only throws at you what it thinks you can handle. nothing less. nothing more. good things happen and bad things happen and its how you adapt and learn and thrive that makes life worth living."

When Asked about his Cultural Icons....

"hmmm cultural icons... well the gay man in me would have to say Beyonce! hahahaha! she has a vision of what she wants and then she goes out and gets it! she doesn't limit herself by thinking "gee I might not be able to do that." she thinks "I want this, so it's mine!" plus she is a crazy talented entertainer! she's the whole package."

Picture from

Patrick has others that he admires and says he likes to see the best in 'people' and that includes cultural icons so its hard for him to just pick one!

Biggest Challenge as an Artist?

"the biggest challenge I face as an artist pretty much centers around money. I need to make money in order to do what I love but doing what I love doesn't pay the bills. its hard to balance my time between dancing and working as a professional as well as being able to pay my bills on time and working a regular 9-5 job."

Quick Facts about Patrick:
  • Dancing since age 2
  • BFA in Dance from NYU's Tish School
  • Enjoys Theatre, Choreography & Voice


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