It's a Circus!

 (Crique Algeria)

Cirque de Soleil is a great candidate for looking at just how to create an industry through innovation. Sure, there were localised circus troupes world wide and it wasn't a new concept. However, Cirque du Soleil managed to take a fringe phenomenon and bring it mainstream, making it very profitable for artists, organisers, host cities, suppliers... alike!

Cirque de Soleil offers artistic performances that are a unique blending of the circus and theatre. They were able to create a product within an uncontested market space, which meant no direct competitors. By standardising the model, yet allowing for a great degree of artistic freedom within this model, the result has been lower production costs and spectacular productions.

Quick Stats
  •  Seen by over 70 million people
  •  Over 40 countries
  •  Generated over US$700 million in revenues

 (Cirque Algeria)

Can you think of ways to create your own industry?


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