Ja Born, Philadelphia Screened

Artfile: Claude Gayle

Graduated in 1978 from Jamaica School of Art in the Cultural Training Centre in Graphic Arts, now the Edna Manley College. When he started the campus was located on North Street.

He owns a screen printing shop focusining mainly on textile printing in the Philadelphia area.

Main customers : corporate entities, churches, clubs, fund raisers, small businesses

Been in business for 18 years: Islander Joe

Obstacles: As a Jamaican overseas the main obstacle was establishing credibility.

Solution: If you really come with the goods then they eventually recognize the ability.

He lives by the motto: you get a long way by exercising humility and patience.

Advice to young entrepreneurs: The best progress comes slowly, when you have time to consistently grow. In business, overnight success is not the goal but a sustainable approach is optimal.


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