Is it time for a revolution?

Dutty Bookman took time out to reason with Artistic Expressions at Manifesto JA's Festival this weekend. He spoke to us about his journey as a spiritual artist and a literary artist.

"Before you can partake in the revolution you have to be the revolution!"

I've known Dutty for at least 15 years, and it's interesting to see how he has evolved. In the 90's he was very clean cut and everyone called him Gavin or 'Hutchy'. He has maintained his charming smile and honest expressions, but his philosophy about life has changed dramatically. He now talks about revolution.

He speaks openly with us about his journey, as we sit under a Blue Mahoe Tree outside of the Edna Manley College's School of Dance, surrounded by participants of the festival, sharing insight and engaging in questions exposed after the session 'Meet the Artist' featuring the likes of Mutabaruka, Cherine Anderson & Bob Andy.

"Success comes where preparation meets opportunity”

He explains that he has had to work on himself spiritually, and physically, to ensure that he is ready to be a part of the change that he feels is already happening. Dutty tells us that most of his opportunities have happened by chance and believes strongly that success comes where preparation meets opportunity.

His Book "Tried & True, Revelations of a Rebellious Youth" will be launched 22nd November at Bookophilia in Kingston, Jamaica. Dutty tells us that he believes that we all have a form of expression, whether its the way we walk or the way we season food. His form of expression is through writing.

Dutty believes that one of the major problems facing the Caribbean Region now is that people are looking for external cues to dictate how they live their lives.
Quick Facts:
  • Started Idlerz Lounge
  • Inspired by Che Guevara's Writings
  • Co-Hosted "Reasoning" with Reggie Bell
  • Co-Founded Manifesto JA
  • Self Published Biography 'Tried & True, Revelations of a Rebellious Youth'
  • Blog

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