World Peace?! You kidding me?

Juan Chong, Youth Activist, Peru

World Peace in today's world is impossible, despite all our most beloved wishes, there is still a long way to go. Cultural differences -including religion- and economic interests are the biggest obstacles to understand and care for each other. Now more than ever globalization and ICTs facilitate access to information -which favors the cultural understanding, and it may be the accelerator for the world peace we crave for. But still, economic interests will remain as a huge challenge to beat…

Jessi Shaw, Dancer, Jamaica

I doubt there can be world peace because the human race seems to be victims of greed. We are always fighting each other; constantly competing for dominance whether it be economically, politically, socially, etc. We are not fans of harmony because money and power seems so much more satisfying.

Kai Watson, Painter, Jamaica

I'd say no. Because good and bad or war and peace are the balance of one another. They have always coexisted and always will, whether on a macro or micro scale.

Samuele Vivian, Guitarist, Italy (Living in JA for 1 year)

I think there will be peace either trough a global enlightenment or human extinction. The day when every human will deeply understands J. Lennon's song Imagine, we will live in peace. Utopia, hope or maybe necessity.

Alba Aguilar Salgado, San Salvador, El Salvador

The "picture" tells us not to, but basically if everyone put in their power to change the world we would achieve much. Do not expect governments to change if people do not, we are a majority. Each depends on the management of our civilization if we are to live in harmony, peace and union.
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  1. World peace? Let us begin with peace in our schools, among different religious groups, among family members
    But can we have peace without the 'haves' giving up some of the pie to the have-nots
    without the justice being just not just for the purveyors of power but for the man in the street?
    Can we have peace without the milk of human kindness running through the streets from Kings House and Jamaica House to Trench Town , Marverley, Maxfield Park?
    We have to put flesh on the bones of peace.


  2. We need world peace more than ever yea I say so

  3. With the Iraq, Iran, USA, Afghanistan, in a cold war, with Pakistan on the fringes, with Sudan under seige going south, and Greece on fire, we need world peace.


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