Good Reviews for Night of 'Wordz' with Earl Lovelace, Pollard & Minott

Excerpts from review in The Jamaica Gleaner, Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"The Saturday evening show was shrouded in laughter generated from the words of the three featured presenters - Velma Pollard, Monica Minott and Earl Lovelace."

Earl Loveless greets guests after the reading

"Regardless of its manifestation, it usually begins with words. And words are no more beautifully presented than in songs, poetry and novel. However, it is the latter two that were the focus of Artistic Expressions Limited's third and final presentation of their calendar events. It was simply titled Wordz, a fitting conclusion and title, as the previous two events were an art exhibition and two consecutive evenings of dance dubbed 'Cultural Fusion'."

Drummers giving the call to order!
Velma Pollard - photos by Marcia Rowe
Velma Pollard Reads from Collection 'Philosophers' (Photo: Jamaica Gleaner)

Monica Minott reads 'Silencing the Stones' among other poems

Earl Lovelace reading from 'Salt' and 'Is Just a Movie"
 (Photos: Issac Barret)

"With captivating reverence, they lifted from pages their craftily, creatively intertwined words. Words that brought not only nature to life but reconstruct locations and make colourful and tragic characters loveable."

For Full Review of 'Wordz'


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